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  • User Intent as a Focus for 2023

    User Intent as a Focus for 2023

    User intent will be a big topic in 2023Kristina Azarenko believes that people should create content with user intent and keywords in mind.Himani Kankaria says that Google is working to identify the user’s intent behind their search.SEO professionals need to focus on bringing a holistic approach to content strategy in 2023.Suganthan Mohanadasan believes that understanding…

  • MUM Is the New Name of Complex Search Results Page

    MUM Is the New Name of Complex Search Results Page

    MUM has the potential to break down language barriers by transferring knowledge across languages. It can learn from sources that aren’t written in the language you wrote your search in, and help bring that information to you.

  • Sustainability as a New SEO Trend

    Sustainability as a New SEO Trend

    Paper-free is not enough. Eco-friendly procedures implementation on your website along with a clear statement of what you did, for your customers, could be the extra step for standing out of the crowd in the competitive world wide web. Internet is culpable of 1.6 billion annual tons in greenhouse gas emissions. And your website could…

  • Sustainability as Next SEO Move

    Enterprise ecommerce brands should increase focus forsustainability SEO targeting (as approved by their legal team) tosupport corporate social responsibility.Google has already added result enhancements to incentivizesustainable choices in Shopping, Maps, and Nest. Although searchdemand has not yet peaked, consumer appetite should continueto build throughout 2022 and beyond.

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