Sustainable eco-friendly websites as a SEO trend in 2022

Sustainability as a New SEO Trend

Paper-free is not enough. Eco-friendly procedures implementation on your website along with a clear statement of what you did, for your customers, could be the extra step for standing out of the crowd in the competitive world wide web.

Internet is culpable of 1.6 billion annual tons in greenhouse gas emissions. And your website could be deemed responsible, too unless you take some precautions to make you look … well, a bit less criminal than others.

•Reducing the carbon footprint of websites and digital infrastructures is the right step forward towards achieving net-zero, and could even become a defining factor in search user’s behaviors.

• As Google is starting to display carbon emissions of flights and labeling eco-friendly hotels, it’s not absurd to believe that Google could even begin showing the eco-impact of web pages.

• Creating more sustainable websites involves similar tactics to improving performance (e.g., improving availability, optimizing performance), but carbon emission reductions could soon become an important metric worth reporting on.






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